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Angier_Evolutionary Biology - everywhere and it is...

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Vikruthi Jagannath WRA 135; Section 005 1-28-08 Analysis Angier Analysis: Evolutionary Biology Many people in today’s world or generation, still wonder what is exactly evolution? Well according to the Author Natalie Angier from the book, The Canon, evolution is a part of a natural selection or as she puts it, “Evolution by natural selection also known as Darwinian evolution or Darwinism, explains life of Earth in it’s outrageous entirety, all the 30 million or 100 million species here today—many yet to be counted and classified, let alone inspire the next blockbuster tie-in,” (Evolutionary Biology, 150). Angier’s definition doesn’t exactly say much, but it is a starting point. To further figure out what is evolution today, Angier interviews an MIT physicist Robert Jaffe who says, “Evolution by natural selection is an absolute principle of nature, it operates
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Unformatted text preview: everywhere, and it is astonishing. But is underappreciated, and what hurts me far more, it is under assault” (Evolutionary Biology, 150). Well now that we some information to talk about evolution, we can say that what we are doing is a part of evolution. In fact, we are evolution, “the life that we see around us, the life that we call our own, evolved for pervious life forms, and they in turn descended from ancestral species before them” (Evolutionary Biology, 150). Well since we now know what evolution is and it is around us, why in the world do we need to know them? Well, we need to know them because it is an important matter and it has been before man was even born. Evolution is so important like I mentioned before, we are evolution. We evolved from a previous life in which we are now living and that says it all....
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Angier_Evolutionary Biology - everywhere and it is...

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