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Dover Debate Response - courthouse The moderator said it...

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Vikruthi Jagannath 1-30-08 WRA 135; Section 005 Debate Analysis Response to Dover Intelligent Design Debate 1 To briefly summarize what happened in the Dover Intelligent Design Debate, first of all it was a debate between Randy Winger, who is for the ID side and Jeremy Gunn, who is for the Evolution side. As the debate began, the moderator started with introducing the two debaters as mentioned above then moved on to talk about 4 cases that dealt with science stuff. The moderator then started with 4 cases. The first case is about a Football Player in Santa Fe about wanting to sit in the tree. The court decided it was against the violation of the constitution. The second case was in Cleveland were it was about school voucher which was supplied by the government to send the kids to private school. The money came from the public school's fund. The court said it was Secular, non-religious purpose so there were in favor. Then the third case was in ACLU- Kentucky where a man made large copies of 10 commandments, in front of the
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Unformatted text preview: courthouse. The moderator said it was a secular and a western moral principle. The court was against it on the bases of religious purpose and fake reasons. The final case he talked about was about the Monolith where the circumstance was constitutional it was decided by the state. The court since it also had 21 other historical cases they were in favor. Then after that the moderator moved to the two debaters. The first questioned asked was if theory is scientific and the Randal Winger responded that yes it is important enough to teach the controversy around evolution. The next question was, who should decide if ID is science or not?? The school board should decide by democratic process which is a Constitutional issue. Throughout this debate Jeremy Gunn was saying that there are problems in the theory of Natural Selection and that having teachers in Pennsylvania teaching the Topic on ID said that they are just not ready....
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  • Spring '08
  • JessicaDeforest
  • Private School, Intelligent design, Dover Intelligent Design, Jeremy Gunn, Intelligent Design Debate

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