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Contemporary Management Practices Assignment #1
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1. What is an organization and why are managers important to an organization’s success? An organization is a deliberate arrangement of people brought together to accomplish a specific purpose; in other words, a group of people working together to fulfill a common purpose through a systematic and structured approach. In an organization there are people who work directly on a job or task and have no responsibility for overseeing the work of others and there are assigned individuals (Managers) who direct the activities of others through definite functions. 2. Are all effective organizations also efficient? Discuss. If you had to choose between being effective or being efficient, which one would you say is more important? Why? Not necessarily, effectiveness implies doing tasks that help an organization reach its goals while efficiency is more concerned with being the best means to an end such as reaching optimal utilization of resources; labor, material, etc... For example, having a machine that gets the job
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