Chapter 1 - Chapter 1: Foundations of Communication...

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Chapter 1: Foundations of Communication Defining Communication: --Communication is a process. It is ongoing, irreversible, and systematic --Communication is the stimulation of meaning (not the transfer of meaning). When people communicate, we do not put meanings into another person’s mind --Communication is both verbal and nonverbal Modeling Communication: --One basic model divides communication into eight major components: source and receiver, encoding and decoding, message, channel, feedback, and noise --The source is a person who has an idea to communicate to another person --Carefully encoding your ideas means thoroughly thinking out – before you start talking – both what you want to say, and how you want what you said to be understood by the other person --The result of an act of encoding is a message, which can be both verbal and nonverbal and contains both what you say and the way you say it --When the source sends an encoded message, the message passes through some kind of channel ----Face to face encounters always involve at least two major channels: one is the sensory channel and the other is the air through which the sound waves travel to reach you ----After the encoded message travels through one or more channels, it reaches one or more receivers, who decode the words and nonverbal behaviors sent by the source of the message ----To minimize the opportunity for errors in decoding, most effective communicators adapt their messages to the specific receivers they expect to encounter --The interplay between encoding and decoding a message is referred to as feedback
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1: Foundations of Communication...

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