Chapter 3 - Chapter 3: Ethics and Professional...

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Chapter 3: Ethics and Professional Communication --An ethical dilemma forces you to agonize over competing principles of right and wrong --People do not necessarily grow in moral stature as they grow in age, income and responsibility --As you face greater pressures in your career, not to mention the potential for greater rewards, the temptation to cheat will only intensify Ethics and Communication : --Ethics is “the general and systematic study of what ought to be the grounds and principles for right and wrong human behavior --Ethical behavior at root means “being honest, telling the truth, and doing what you said you were going to do Professional Communication Ethics : --If revealing the voice and strategy behind an instance of communication does not change the way you perceive your relationship to the communicator, the communication is likely to be ethical --Ethical communicators respect others’ expressions and actions and tolerate the imperfect nature of their efforts, with the goal of attributing communication problems first to error and inevitably imperfect understanding, not to ill intention --Issues of power in organizations can create challenges, such as superior-subordinate relationships, which are fraught with ethical complications ----If your boss is doing something unethical or asking you to do something unethical, sometimes you have to choose between your career and doing the right thing Academic Integrity : --As a student doing work of scholarship, your major ethical responsibility is to avoid scholastic dishonesty, which is defined as “any act designed to give unfair academic advantage to a student”
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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3: Ethics and Professional...

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