Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Interviewing for Information...

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Chapter 5 Interviewing for Information Gathering Introduction Professional communication serves an essentially strategic function when at least one of the parties involved has a specific goal in mind other than just “chatting” with someone What is an informational interview? Interview involve an exchange between two parties o Interpersonal communication interviewing involves the exchange of communication through an ongoing, dynamic process of interaction o Panel interview is a multiple interviewees represent one party while those conducting the interview represent the second party Interviews involve a strategic purpose or goal o Formal interviews are usually premeditated, and are distinguished by planning, preparation, structure, and design, all in service of a stable and predetermined goal. o Goal include gathering information for your own purposes, exploring your respondent’s values and beliefs, establishing rapport, making positive impression, or exchanging perspectives and viewpoints on different issues. Interviews involve the asking and answering of questions o Directive interviews consist primarily of an interviews who asks all the questions and an interviewee who does all of the answering o Dialogic interview is when the interviewee participates more actively in creating the interview’s content than in the directive approach Preparing for an interview The structure you select, the topics you generate, and the types of questions you ask in your interview greatly determine the quality of the answers from your respondent. Decide on a purpose for your interview o Clearly purpose will help you construct a meaningful, cohesive schedule of questions, which will guide your prompts and direct your interviewee’s answer Choose an interview structure o Determined by its purpose o Determines the degree of preparation you will need for the interview and the flexibility of questions you can ask o Highly scheduled interviews Detailed flowchart that contains all questions the interviewer is to ask. Allows no deviation in either the order or the wording of questions.
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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Interviewing for Information...

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