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Fredrick Douglass - History 20, Paper #2 May 4, 2007...

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History 20, Paper #2 May 4, 2007 Slavery: A Malevolent Act? Born in a small town in Talbot County, Maryland, Douglass was born into slavery in the year of 1818. Growing up he had no knowledge of freedom and the life that would await him. He was raised by an older woman as soon as his mother was separated from him shortly after birth. Very early on in life Douglass realized the wrong doings that slavery entitled him to, this came to his mind as soon as he witnessed the beating of his aunt at a very early age. He knew from that moment on he was going to escape slavery when he was old and strong enough to try and do so. During his time on the plantation of Colonel Edward Lloyd is when he first starts to describe life in slavery and the conditions on the plantation. Three to four hundred slaves called this place “home”. They all received a monthly amount of food, and a year supply of clothing, which wasn’t anything more than two shirts, one pair of pants, one jacket, one pair of winter pants, one pair of stockings and one pair of shoes. Children like him didn’t even have the privilege of shoes, stocking, jackets or pants. With barely enough food to eat and clothes to wear Douglass soon came to hate the live he led. They were summoned at the crack of dawn or earlier to work and were severely whipped when were late no matter the reason. Later in the book Douglass describe a time when he fell sick with illness. He said, “I stood as long as I could stagger to the hopper with grain. When I could stand no longer, I fell, and felt as if held down by an immense weight.(85)” Soon he boss, at the time Mr. Covey, came quickly from the house and
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questioned what was the matter. When a fellow slave answered that he was sick, Covey
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Fredrick Douglass - History 20, Paper #2 May 4, 2007...

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