Edthp Outline - c. Promotes a strong future for our country...

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Edthp 115 Outline Paper 2 Major Philosophy Dominating Education Today: Essentialism Basic concept of essentialism: To teach the basic skills and American value. 1. Curriculum a. History b. Geography c. Science d. Literature e.Math 2. Social Development a. Teachers serve as role models b. Teachers are authoritative figure c. Teachers must motivate students and help them focus 3. Reasons for essentialism a. Promote moral values b. Become model citizens c. Teach Core, Essential Knowledge d. Train for Standardized Tests Became popular in the 1930’s. Reasons for Essentialism Dominating the Curriculum and Practice of Education: 1. Instilling values and morals is essential a. Allows next generation to continue to understand our history b. Teaches Respect
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Unformatted text preview: c. Promotes a strong future for our country d. Keeps all students on a similar level of knowledge e. Allows for an easier way to compare students. Changing the Dominate Philosophy in the Future: 1. Educators Influence a. Belief in more student catered programs b. Promote individualism c. Technical Programs d. Vocational Programs e. Honors Courses f. Extracurricular Activities g. College Curriculum, electives mandatory Questions to address: Why do educators have such an influence on education philosophy? Why does essentialism dominate in the U.S? How will it change in the future? Who else influences education? What is essentialism and how does in compare to other philosophies?...
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Edthp Outline - c. Promotes a strong future for our country...

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