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QUESTION: 54 Which of the following commands adds a new user usera to FreelPA? A. useradd usera --directory ipa --gecos *User A" B. idap- useradd --H ldaps://ipa-server CN=UserA --attribs "Firstname: User: Lastname: A" C. ipa-admin create user --account usera -_fname User --iname A D. ipa user-add usera --first User --last A E. ipa-user- add usera --name "User A" Answer: D QUESTION: 55 Which of the following keywords are built-in chairs for the iptables nat table? (Choose THREE correct answers) A. OUTPUT B. MASQUERADE C. PROCESSING D. POSTROUTING E. PREROUTING Answer: A, D, E QUESTION: 56 Which of the following statements are true regarding the certificate of a Root CA? A. It is a self-signed certificate. B. It does not include the private key of the CA C. It must contain a host name as the common name. D. It has an infinite lifetime and never expires.
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