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Quiz2Connectives - A B A& B T F Sentence T T F F F T A B...

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Write your name at the top of this quiz. Then fill out the following truth tables. Be careful, as the tables aren’t in their usual order! Then write one English sentence using each connective, in which the propositions being connected have the truth values at the top of the truth table, in order. (That is, T and F for &, F and F for v, and so on.) Make the truth values of the propositions in your sentences obvious so Alex will know what they are. 4 points per blank in the truth tables, 6 points per sentence.
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Unformatted text preview: A B A & B T F ____ Sentence: T T ____ F F ____ F T ____ A B A v B F F ____ Sentence: T T ____ T F ____ F T ____ A B A → B F T ____ Sentence: T T ____ F F ____ T F ____ A B A ↔ B F F ____ Sentence: F T ____ T T ____ T F ____ Write a sentence that connects two propositions with a two-place connective that is not truth-functional. (6 pts) Can a sentence be true if its only connective is not truth-functional? Yes or No. (6 points)...
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