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Name:______________________ Circle your section time: W 1-2 W 2-3 W 3-4 Chapter 3 - Quiz on Validity Part I: True / False (5 points each) 1. ___ If a formula is a tautology, its negation is a contradiction. 2. ___ If an argument is valid, all the premises are true and the conclusion is true as well. 3. ___ A implies B iff the conditional A B is true. 4. ___ An argument is valid if and only if there is no case in which the premises are true and the conclusion is false. 5. ___ Argument P/C is valid if and only if the premise P logically implies the conclusion C.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. ___ Two formulas are logically equivalent iff they both imply each other. 7. ___ The cases relevant to an argument are all the situations in which all of the atomic formulas (the p’s and q’s) are true. 8. ___ Argument P/C is valid iff the conditional formula P → C is a tautology. Part II: In each case, state whether the argument is valid or invalid. Partial credit may be awarded for drawing out truth tables (15 points each) 9. P v Q ~P ~Q 10. P v Q P → Q Q 11. P → Q ~P → ~Q P v Q 12. P → Q Q → R P → R...
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