All Over Creation - Wiggins 1 Ryan Wiggins Professor Jensen...

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Wiggins 1 -1Ryan Wiggins Professor Jensen FS 301 8 October 2007 All Over Creation Using the power of the novel, Ruth Ozeki sends a message to the reader, however subtle it may be. She not only presents that genetically modifying seeds is immoral and harmful, but also caters to basic human emotions through Yumi and the other characters’ encounters. Using situations that anyone can identify with, such as death, love, and uncertainty, she is able to make the reader feel involved with the story; thus, the knowledge of her ideals are given the opportunity to transfer to others. We are able to tell, with the appearance of the Seeds of Resistance, Ozeki’s personal views towards the artificially manufacturing of various agricultural items. The young activists traveling across the country find a leader in a Yumi’s father, who also determines that technology like the “Terminator” is “breaking the sacred cycle of life itself” (301). Whether I have been persuaded through the emotions of the novel or my prior moral convictions, I see this as a logical conclusion to draw. Rather than continue on in the method of traditional farming, corporations are trying to slap a patent on things that are unable to take such a label. The ability to cancel out the possibility of reproduction may seem like a smart, profitable move from a business perspective, however, I see it as a digression from the seed’s natural existence and a very unfair move from the farmer’s perspective. Lloyd Fuller also has troubles with the NuLife potato, which Elliot Rhodes had been sent to defend. Fuller states the fact that the potatoes are
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All Over Creation - Wiggins 1 Ryan Wiggins Professor Jensen...

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