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Wiggins 1 -1Ryan Wiggins Professor Jensen FS 301 28 October 2007 Jayber Crow Like All Over Creation , Jayber Crow is a novel, which enables it to cover a wide variety of themes and motifs. From the ponderings of spirituality and identity, to the pursuit of a suitable setting, to the inevitable change that is associated with passing time, Wendell Berry exhibits issues that are easily relatable to the reader through the thoughts of his protagonist. Though the book is a lengthy and ever-changing perspective, as is life, I found Berry had placed the perils and pleasures of existence in our world in simpler terms through the use of a simple man. Perhaps the issue that spoke out to me the most, Jayber’s view of faith is constantly evolving and taking new forms. Especially in the musings of his youthful days, I can readily identify with the development of his thought process. When he is a resident of The Good Shepherd he contemplates his future path as a minister and concludes that when “dealing with God you better give Him the benefit of the doubt” (43). Like my early years, I attended church gatherings with little thought of why I was actually there, other than it was the proper thing to do. I did not question what I was told, I simply put blind faith into a very literal interpretation of our readings. Later, when he was at Pigeonville College, he began looking at religious text from a more intellectual perspective and found many contradictions and questions, leaving him feeling like “a lost traveler in the woods, needing to be on [his] way somewhere but not knowing where”
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Jayber Crow - Wiggins 1 Ryan Wiggins Professor Jensen FS...

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