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Wiggins 1 -1Ryan Wiggins Professor Jensen FS 301 19 November 2007 Parable of the Sower In this frightening dystopia, Octavia E. Butler emphasizes the basic needs of mankind in order to further progress our race in a course that does not ultimately lead to our own demise. Similar to Orwell’s 1984 , the reader is shown the horrors that may emerge from our present problems, although these issues have evolved by catastrophic proportions. However, through the chaos, Butler presents how a new community may emerge from the ashes of the previous by calling upon themes of freedom and basic human adaptation. Likely the most relatable topic to those of my age group, the development of Lauren’s persona over the three years that the novel covers is easily applied to any teenager’s life without requiring the extreme circumstances that she is faced with. We begin to see this sequence of change at the beginning of the novel with her rejection of God in the traditional sense. Rather than identifying with the way her father perceives Him as a literal, omniscient being, Lauren holds the belief that “God exists to be shaped. God is Change” (25). This agrees with my personal belief that society as a whole is moving ahead in their ideals and thought process. My own spiritual experience is fairly synonymous with Lauren’s, as my parents hold a more conservative outlook on the unknown. I, however, have a more flexible interpretation despite the influence they laid upon me at an early age. This metamorphosis of convictions does not always necessarily
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Wiggins 2 have a positive result, such as the example of Lauren’s brother, Keith. Although he also rejects the ideas of his parents, most specifically his father’s intent of maintaining their
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Parable of the Sower - Wiggins 1 Ryan Wiggins Professor...

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