malcolm x - The most significant learning occurs during...

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knowledge best through personal experiences rather than through lectures and teachings. In The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told by Alex Haley, Malcolm’s story doubles as a journey in which Malcolm learns valuable, life-shaping lessons. Malcolm begins life surrounded by hatred and prejudice. He later discovers the religion of Islam and preaches its principles. Towards the end of his life, Malcolm truly learns the value of acceptance. Malcolm X’s various endeavors stemming from Harlem streets to prison cells to Islamic temples all work to create the civil rights leader’s ideals later on in life. These events and life stages work as an education for Malcolm X. Initially these events strengthen his beliefs, Malcolm ultimately learns to challenge his preconceptions. Malcolm X begins his journey with preconceptions about the white race. His father raises him to hate whites because he “had seen four of his six brothers die by violence, three of them killed by white men, including one by lynching” (Malcolm X, 2). As a young boy, Malcolm experienced a nightmare when white supremacists set his home on fire. Malcolm recalls “being snatched awake into a frightening confusion of pistol shots and shouting and smoke and flames” (3). After the fire, the police focused on apprehending Malcolm’s father for owning a pistol, rather than focusing on the arsonists. Malcolm’s next memory involves him “waking up to the sound of his mother’s screaming” (10)—the white Black Legion had brutally murdered Malcolm’s father. These hate crimes led Malcolm to believe the preconception that all whites were monsters and preached thusly. As time progresses and Malcolm moves to Boston, he lives under his
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malcolm x - The most significant learning occurs during...

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