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6. Berry, “Why I’m Not Going to Buy a Computer” a. Elaborate two of Berry’s reasons for not using a computer. (4 pts) In his piece, Berry condemns the computer but more broadly, the energy corporations which harvest the resources needed to sustain the computer. Berry’s first argument against the computer is that the machine does not advance peace, economic justice, ecological health, political honesty, family and community stability, good work”—presumable his ideals of a good life. Secondly, Berry claims that using a computer to write his work would disrupt the present relationship he has with his wife in which he gives her his manuscripts and she acts as his editor and typed them out on an old typewriter. Berry believes the “literary cottage industry” he formed with his wife would come to a halt because the computer would displace her. b. State an objection to one of the reasons. (3 pts) Berry incorrectly believes that the computer would supersede his wife in importance with regards to his writing. c. Say whether the objection succeeds or fails and why. (3 pts). The objection against Berry’s belief that the computer would ruin the literary relationship he has with his wife succeeds because all of the things his wife currently does can be continued to be done by her in a more efficient manner. His wife “sees things that are wrong” and is “most familiar with [his] habitual errors and weaknesses.” She can continue to do this on a computer and may even be aided by the various tools such as grammar and spell check found in writing applications. Furthermore, she can continue to type out his manuscripts except now it can be done via computers which unlike the typewriter, can instantly correct typing errors. 8. Gardiner, “Ethics and Global Climate Change” a. Explain the difference between a policy of abatement and a policy of adaptation in response to climate change. (3 pts) In regards to climate change, there are two major theories on how to deal with the problem: abatement and adaptation. Adaptation is the less aggressive of the two, calling for the world to adapt to the effects of climate change. This includes dealing (financially) with the potential consequences as they come and letting climate change go on unchecked. The second strategy, abatement, calls for a concerted attempt in trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. b. State the cost argument in favor of a policy of adaptation. (3 pts) The cost argument favors adaptation and states that it would cost too much to try and reduce emissions, thus the costs outweigh the benefits so we should try to live alongside climate change instead of trying to prevent it. Specifically, the cost argument looks at dollar values c. Use an example to explain Gardiner’s response to the effect that economic approaches to climate change are inadequate because not everything important has a market price. (4 pts) Pg. 573. The economic approaches fail to integrate all of the possible costs and
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essays_Exam_1_IAH - 6 Berry"Why Im Not Going to Buy a...

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