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NTR 360 - INTERNATIONAL NUTRITION Learning Objectives Vitamin A 1) List the different forms of vitamin A and the main function of each. Describe the consequences when vitamin A deficiency occurs. 2) Discuss the role of vitamin A in vision. 3) Identify the incidence of deficiency for vitamin A world wide. 4) Discuss the progression of symptoms seen in vitamin A deficiency. 5) List and distinguish between good food sources of retinoids and carotenoids.
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Unformatted text preview: 6) Distinguish between the mechanisms of vitamin A involved night blindness and permanent blindness and the role vitamin A plays in each. 7) Discuss the importance of breastfeeding as it relates to vitamin A deficiency. 8) Describe recommended vitamin A supplementation regimes for prevention and treatment of vitamin A deficiency xerophthalmia. 9) Discuss the relationship between maternal vitamin A deficiency, breast milk, and maternal mortality....
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