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Essay #1: “Everything must evolve or else it perishes.” A. I Heard the Owl Cry My Name i. Tribal elders are not becoming technologically advanced ii. New generations of Native Americans are getting white educations iii. As they learn of the white man’s customs they forget their native heritage iv. Native American traditions decrease and are eventually forgotten because they remain the same while everything else grows and improves. v. The Leavers are similar to the Native American tribes because they do not try to improve the world and the Takers are similar to the whites because they improve B. Malcolm X i. Malcolm X initially viewed all whites as evil and all blacks as good ii. After his trip to Mecca he had completely different racial opinions and began to see people on a spectrum of good and evil iii. His change was too late and he was assassinated because throughout his life he had been irrational and angered many groups of people iv. The Takers are similar to Malcolm X because they see themselves as good and
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essay_exam - Essay #1: "Everything must evolve or else it...

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