midterm - Desert survival exercise 1. the majority view...

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Desert survival exercise 1. the majority view point of each item was usually how each item was placed in order 2. same as 1 3. group efficiency is being able to come up with a decision quickly with little effort while group effectiveness is spending more time to make sure the group comes up with a proper effective decision 4. The group makes a good decision, they developed a system where they will be better able to work, quality + helping groups in the future. 5. Quality of decision + buy in, you need a good decision + people have to like it 6. simple decisions, time is short, conditions are changing rapidly, one verifiable correct answer, decision is unimportant 7. complex decisions, when acceptance of a decision is important by those affected, abundant time, several options Chapter 12 (125-128) 1. succeed or fail due to information resources, quality of effort, quality of thinking, type of decisions (rational vs. political) 2. in order to have a good decision you must have : right group of people > good information > rational decision > good effort > good thinking 3. Actual group productivity = potential productivity – losses due to faulty processes. Part One 1. 3 < # < 15, interdependence, shared purpose, perceived boundaries, communication Chapter 1 1. Organized set of interrelated and interacting parts that maintain their own balance among the influences of the environment. 2. Interdependence - accomplish something as a whole that’s impossible as individuals. Input – knowledge, skills, individual traits. Through put – arguing, discussion. Output – what is produced by the group. Groups have different purposes. Different purposes shape the interactions.
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midterm - Desert survival exercise 1. the majority view...

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