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NTR 360 - INTERNATIONAL NUTRITION Learning Objectives Iodine 1) Discuss the location and function of the thyroid hormone. 2) Define critical period and discuss how it relates to iodine deficiency. 3) Describe the absorption, storage, transport and conservation of iodine. List food sources of iodine. Describe geographic regions where iodine deficiencies are likely to occur. 4) Discuss thyroid hormones including the role of iodine, selenium, T3 and T4. Explain homeostatic feedback for thyroid hormones. 5) Discuss Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) including the range of symptoms. Define hypothyroidism, goiter and cretinism. 6) Outline the relationship between Iodine and Cretinism, include a discussion of the
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Unformatted text preview: relationship between iodine and thyroid hormones, thyroid hormone and fetal development, symptoms of Cretinism, different types of Cretinism and what explains the differences, possible treatments and cures for the condition. 7) Define goiter and discuss causes and treatments for the condition. 8) List the different methods for assessing iodine status. 9) Explain the role of supplementation in IDD; include the method(s) of supplementation and relative success or failure of the efforts for supplementation. 10) List and define goiterogens and state the role they play in IDD....
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