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Lecture 1 - provide the solutions to all human problems...

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ISP 203B SUMMARY OF LECTURE 1: COURSE INTRODUCTION 28 August, 2007 3. Question for Class? What is a natural hazard? Class Answers: Something bad that affects many people. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Floods, Tornadoes, Storms Hurricanes, Forest Fires 4. Question for Class? What natural hazards might be in Michigan Class Answers: Floods Tornadoes Forest Fires Storms – Ice – Hail Tsunamis (Professor Mackey does not really agree with this) Generally NOT Earthquakes, Hurricanes, or Volcanoes 5.   How is “science” distinguished from other aspects of human experience? SCIENTIFIC THEORIES offer a well-defined, naturally occurring cause that explains why or how a natural event occurs. ASSUMPTION: the universe is orderly, reasonable, and testable. Scientific theories are always subject to CHANGE Science corrects itself! Science CANNOT answer all of the questions in the universe, and DOES NOT
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Unformatted text preview: provide the solutions to all human problems. Science is observation, measurement, testing of NATURAL PHENOMENA Filtered through a cultural context 6. Why do we study the Earth? It affects us We affect it We use it Increased population puts us more at risk - It has international implications - Relief for catastrophes, shared resources, cross-border pollution, uneven resource distribution, population growth, etc. You are part of the decision making process. Do you think that some natural hazards are a result of human decisions? Avoid “disinformation” – make informed judgments. Do you think science of technology can prevent all hazards? It affects many career opportunities Resources are finite Zero tolerance is not practical or may be impossible- can not stop hazards- can not eliminate pollution We need to know what is possible...
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Lecture 1 - provide the solutions to all human problems...

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