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apasfinal - Treaty of paris The treaty of Paris was an...

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Treaty of paris – The treaty of Paris was an event where Spain sold cuba phillipines and puerto rico for 20 million dollars. This occurred after the American’s won the Spanish – American war. 1934 Tidyings McDuffie Act – in order to prevent Filipinos from coming to the united states, The Us passed the tidings mcduffie act. The agreement said that in 10 yrs the phillipines would have independence. However only 50 were to be allowed into the US year. They were no longer nationals. Now Aliens. The US also did not have to pay taxes on things from the Philippines. Transnaltionalism is a social movement sprung from interconnectivity between people around the world and loosening the boundaries between countries. The Phillipines would be considered a transnational country due to their culture, economic, political, and social being very similar to the US. Balikbayan – Overseas Filipino. Refers to Filipinos nationals who mainly live in other countries of the world instead of the phillipines. It was
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