Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 (5.1) Climate & Weather- Climate is a...

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Chapter 5 (5.1) Climate & Weather - Climate is a region’s general pattern of atmospheric or weather conditions over a long time. Whereas weather is an area’s short-term temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, and other physical conditions. 3 main factors influence climate: Uneven heating of the earth’s surface Rotation of the earth Interactions among land, water and air Ocean currents and winds can change regional climates Greenhouse gasses keep the earth warm by trapping heat Topography can modify climate The Rain Shadow Effect - The lower precipitation and the resulting semiarid or arid conditions on the leeward side of high mountains create this effect, sometimes leading to the formation of deserts. (5-2)Different climates lead to different patterns of temperature and precipitation Biomes - plants and animals that can survive and reproduce in a climatic zone Changes in biomes with altitude are similar to changes with latitude (5-3)Deserts - the climatic conditions needed for a desert are the following: evaporation must exceed precipitation. Deserts have sparse, widely spaced, mostly low vegetation. Some characteristics include, lack of water, poor soil development, hot at least some parts of the year, and unique adaptations to dry conditions. Grasslands
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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 (5.1) Climate & Weather- Climate is a...

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