Chapter 2 - Chapter 2(2.1)Experiments often conducted to...

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Chapter 2 (2.1)Experiments- often conducted to study some phenomenon under known conditions. Scientific Hypotheses - an unconfirmed explanation of an observed phenomenon that can be tested by further research. Model- an approximate representation or simulation of a system being studies. Scientific Theory - a highly reliable and widely accepted scientific hypothesis or a related group of scientific hypotheses. Scientific Method - in reality, there are many scientific methods. They are ways scientists gather data and formulate and test scientific hypotheses, models, theories, and laws. Science is best at disproving ideas. A theory is useful until it is falsified. Even then, it may still be useful to understand some data. Sounds Science - consists of data, theories, and laws that are widely accepted by scientists who are considered experts in the field. The results of sound science are based on a self-correcting process of open peer review. Frontier Science - when news reports focus on two things: so-called scientific breakthroughs, and disputes between scientists over the validity of preliminary and untested data and hypotheses. These preliminary results are often controversial because they have not been widely tested and accepted. Junk Science
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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2(2.1)Experiments often conducted to...

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