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302 HW 13 - bend the rightmost wall up then the next to the...

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M302 HOMEWORK #13 Dr. Schurle Assignment: page 320, #1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11 Grade the following for 3 points each, with one point for work on the remaining problems. #2. The information “x = 4” does not specify a unique point in the plane because there are lots of points for which x=4, all with different y’s, all lying along an up- and-down line. This tells us that the dimension of the plane must be more than 1 – by itself it does NOT tell us that the dimension must be exactly 2. We need more information for that. #9. You can just bend the walls in the left two pictures. [In the leftmost, you can
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Unformatted text preview: bend the rightmost wall up, then the next to the rightmost wall down. In the next to leftmost, you can bend the left half of the bottom wall to the left and the right half to the right.] You need to tear the walls in both of the right two pictures. #11. In each case, you can lift the left half of the right loop “out” into the fourth dimension. Then you can move the left loop away toward the left. Finally, you can return the left half of the right loop back from the fourth dimension into the third dimension, and the loops will be unlinked....
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