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anth101 0116 - We look at all kinds of people everywhere...

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We look at all kinds of people everywhere Classical branches of anthropology: stretches through biology, physics, archeology, ethnological linguistics, classical ethnography Concepts of culture and evolution Broad paradigmatic approaches: how anthropologists collect observations and data, how we analyze and interpret observations we make and what basis we have for doing those things, why do we do what we do? Starts with theory: coherent system of explanations and understandings, grand theories explain many things at the same time Theory structures: structure our understanding, they allow us to explain and answer questions of how and why, structure investigations and how we have questions and attempt to answer those questions What you observe can’t be separate from what you infer Paradigm: general view of the way the world works, the way the discipline should work; tell what questions may be asked and how we should ask them, what is to be observed and scrutinized and how results should be interpreted Anthropological paradigms: scientific vs humanistic Scientific paradigm: observations of empirical phenomena; we first want to describe the empirical phenomena, then we try to explain it and find out cause (why) and mechanisms (how) Characteristics of scientific approach: empirical (observation-based), he speculates a lot and evaluates speculations with observable data Scientific approach is systematic, reflexive (they know their own cultural background and understanding of way world is affect the way they see the world,
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anth101 0116 - We look at all kinds of people everywhere...

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