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Savedra 1 The Lamb Martin Savedra Dr. Rachel Downie English 102-C11 29 October 2017
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Savedra 2 Martin Savedra Dr, Rachel Downie English 102-C11 October 29 2017 The Lamb As reading the songlike poem “The Lamb” I can say that William Blake wanted to express what he thought, along with his faith that he shared with Jesus Christ. You can conclude that he uses the form of a child who questions the Lamb about their creator because of being curious but with innocent intentions. Blake uses many choice of words to describe how he felt. He uses choice of words such as meek and mild, Little Lamb, and also the tender voice which makes the world rejoice and of course signify Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God. As reading the poem you can see that William Blake in “The Lamb” expresses himself in many ways with lots of emotions and feelings. You can see the way William Blake expresses himself with joy, and being very hopeful just as a child. Just as any child the child has a very innocent mind and this is how it is described in “The Lamb”. They are always curious as in the
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