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Introduction to PSpice - SPICE TUTORIAL BME 311 Ashwini...

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Unformatted text preview: SPICE TUTORIAL BME 311 01/16/08 Ashwini Gopal Introduction SPICE Simulated program with integrated circuit Emphasis What makes SPICE? Multiple Companies PSPICE (OrCAD) Electronics Workbench (NI) B2Spice (Beige Bag) B2SPICE Available from Beige Bag Here: http://www.beigebag.com/demos.htm ~50mb Download 45 day full evaluation then limited use (cant save or print) What are we going to use? PSpice What Can SPICE do for me? Simulate circuits! Complex circuit arrangement verification Output modulation for analog circuit design Logical verification of Boolean gate Some packages can allow for mixed signal results (both digital and analog)(analog) Design analog circuits through simulated functions on the PC or embedded processor. SPICE is DRAG and DROP Pick resistors, capacitors, ground, current sources,transistors,gates etc. Connect them with wires Run the simulation and probe the circuit for the required data Problem 1: Solve and Verify Get into groups of two and solve this network for I1 &I2 ...
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