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E 316K, Berry GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR EXAM 1 FORMAT. #1: A blue book/examination book is needed for each exam . All answers will be recorded therein—a medium-sized book should do fine. Do not sign your book; they will be handed to the TAs as you come in and subsequently redistributed. Exam 1 has not been created yet but will go a little something (as in a lot something) like the format that follows. Details or pt. values per section may vary slightly, but Exams 2 and 3 will also use this general format. Section 1 will be the Short Answer Section. This will comprise approx. 35-45 pts. of the exam. Some questions will require a longer answer than others; very infrequently is an answer just one word, so be forewarned. These questions will be objective questions coming from a close and careful reading ( not a memorization!) of the readings themselves and a close and careful focus and note-taking in lectures. There will not be a strict 50/50 percentage on readings and lecture materials (these can include handouts as well), but that’s a good goal to study by.
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