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exam 1 - Name Circle Your Lecture Time 10 am 12 pm Bio 311C...

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Name:__________________________ Circle Your Lecture Time 10 am 12 pm Bio 311C Spring 2007 Exam I 1. (5 pts) Fill in the blank with the correct property of life. _________________ The process by which organisms derive energy from food to fuel cellular processes. _________________ The ability of populations to adapt across generations. _________________ The ability to maintain an internal environment. _________________ The orderly process of cell division leading to a mature adult. _________________ Includes meiosis, gamete formation and vegetative propagation. 2. (7 pts) a. Draw a water molecule. Demonstrate and explain the polar nature of the molecule. b. Give a chemical explanation why pipes in a house break during a freeze.
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3. (14 pts) True or False: If false, correct one word in the statement so that is true. ____________ A covalent bond is likely to be polar when one of the atoms sharing electrons is much more electronegative than the other atom. _____________ Ions are formed when atoms share electron pairs. _____________ An ionic chemical bond is one in which outer-shell electrons of two atoms are shared so as to satisfactorily fill the outer electron shells of both atoms.
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