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1 The Electronic Media Landscape in the U.S. 1,685 local commercial TV stations 10,000+ local radio stations 4 major TV networks 10,000+ local cable systems 12-2 There are several types of systems – Networks • A network exists when two or more stations can broadcast the same program from a single source • Networks can be over-the-air or cable • Affiliates are privately owned stations that sign a contract to carry network programs during parts of the day The Structure of the Television Industry Top Cable TV Networks Discovery Channel ESPN Cable News Network (CNN) Turner Network Television (TNT) USA Network Nickelodeon TBS Superstation Spike TV Arts & Entertainment (A&E) Lifetime ESPN2 The Weather Channel Cable Facts Cable reaches 85% of TV households Most consumers receive more than 100 channels, but watch only 15-19 channels Cable households watch more hours of TV than non-cable households Most channels are privately owned Cable fees make up about 1/3 of cable revenues Broadcast TV Facts Heaviest viewers are middle-income, high-school-educated Average U.S. home viewers watch 8 hours of TV (includes cable and VCR/DVR) per day Older women watch the most TV Pros of Broadcast TV Advertising Mass coverage Relatively low cost per viewer Some selectivity Persuasion power Impact - sound and images Creativity Prestige Social dominance
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2 12-7 Power of Television Cons of Broadcast TV Advertising High production cost High airtime cost Long lead times Limited selectivity Audience fragmentation Brevity Clutter Zipping and zapping What forms of advertising will replace traditional commercials?
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Chapter_12_ss07 - The Electronic Media Landscape in the U.S...

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