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Final MSE 851 Thermodynamics of Solids (Due by 5:00 p.m. 12/13/07) Problem #1 A Michigan area company claims that it has a new approach for generating automotive power from hydrogen that is inherently more efficient than the traditional internal combustion engines used today in our automobiles and trucks. In their scheme, it proposed pressurized pure hydrogen at 500 bar, 25 o C is electrochemically oxidized with pure oxygen at 1 bar, 25 o C to form water in a Fuel Cell Super Electro-Converter (FCSEC) and generates electrical power directly. The company claims that their concept can produce more power than even the most efficient IC engine using the same H 2 and O 2 feeds because the FCSEC converter is not subject to Carnot limitations. According to CTI, water exits the FCSEC at 1 bar, 25 o C. (a) What do you think of the company’s claim? Back up your answer with appropriate thermodynamic analysis and discussion. (b) Pressurized methane, available at 500 bar and 25
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