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Dinosauria: in turned femoral head, opposable thumbs Ornithischia: blunt teeth, predentary bone in lower jaw Saurischia: long cervical vertebrae, long hand w/ digit 2 longest Theropoda: kinetic flexible jaw , 5+ sacral vertebrae Tetanurae: digit 4 lost from hand, distal half of tail stiff Coelurosauria: long slender hands , solid bony sternum Maniraptora:
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Unformatted text preview: pubis points down or backwards, front part of pubic boot absent Avialae: feathers, enlarged brain Ornithurae: ossified sternum w/ large midline keel, fibula shortened Ornithothoraces: pygostyle, loss of metatarsal 5 Carinatae: pelvic elements fused, ossified uncinate processes Aves: loss of teeth, uncinate processes fused to ribs...
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