fluid balance, sodium, potassium...

fluid balance, sodium, potassium... - Nutrition Fluid...

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Nutrition April 18, 2007 Fluid Balance- - water balance- sodium involved- lost a lot of water- something triggered for kidney to retain blood volume - when you have thrirst pay attention to that- Aldosterone Sodium - Recommended intake o AL 1500mg NA, 3.8 g NACL o 1300 mg NA older adults o UL 2300mg, Na, 5.8 g NaCl o Sodium is associated to hypertension- high blood pressure and when they consume salt their blood pressure goes up (salt sensitive) o Broad recommendations- to limit sodium in the diet o Been associated with decreasing bone density- thinking keeping bones dense getting enough calcium - Defiency - Increased excretion Vomiting Diarrhea heavy sweating (along with dehydration) - Symptoms muscle cramping, loss of appetite, and apathy - Excessive intake/ toxicity Edema, acute hypertension (if not getting enough water) - Food Sources Table salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, Processed foods (cheese, cure/canned meats, canned veggies and soup) *sodium major cation outside the cell- pertinent to fluid balance Potassium - Major cation in cell - Fluid balance - Acid base balance - Muscle nerve function
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fluid balance, sodium, potassium... - Nutrition Fluid...

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