nov. 2 greek notes

nov. 2 greek notes - WEEK 9: THE PELOPONNESIAN WARS (11/2)...

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Unformatted text preview: WEEK 9: THE PELOPONNESIAN WARS (11/2) first major war between Western powers… greece was either Athenian or Spartan by 460 Key Dates : 461-446: "First Peloponnesian War" and map causes and key events: Battle of Tanagra (457) -- first land meeting of Athenians & Spartans…Spartans win 446-431: Thirty Years' Peace? its problems --athenians become over-extended and make peace…attempt to give a break but no sides change. Spartans recognize imperial Athenian empire 431-421: The Archidamian War and map key events: plague at Athens, death of Pericles (429), revolt of Mytilene (427), Battles of Pylos and Sphacteria (425) and Amphipolis (424/3)……..with pericles dead from plague, Athens is doomed, spartans want pylos, Athens wants amphiolois 421-413: Peace of Nicias? Returns to status of 431…peace lasts for 8 years 415: annihilation of Melos by Athens (Woodruff pp. 102-109) 415-413: the Sicilian Expedition against Syracuse (Woodruff pp. 111-154); Alcibiades betrays Athens and flees to Sparta to advise victory 413-403: The Ionian or Decelean War and map "total war," largely waged outside mainland Greece…starving the Athenians out...
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nov. 2 greek notes - WEEK 9: THE PELOPONNESIAN WARS (11/2)...

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