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Literary Essay >> All lyric poetry read, homer, Hesiod, pindart with his odes, the tragedy and comedies Historical Essay >> major wars studied, political structures – athens, Sparta Cultural >> art, sculpture, anything but literature Essay >> GET A BLUE BOOK 8x10 An argument Thesis statement >> has intro, defend it throughout Have 5 paragraphs = 1. Intro… one paragraph 2. Thucydides purpose and method 3. Speech of pericles 4. Melian (or mytilenaean) dialogue 5. Aristophanes plays – mention specific points from lectures 6. Aristophanes clouds 7. Conclusion…3-5 sents. Relevant details from lecture or readings Example: "Poetry is more serious and philosophical than history, for poetry expresses the universal and history only the particular." Explain what Aristotle means by that statement, then agree or disagree with the statement. Discuss at least one historian and at least one poetic genre in detail to support your argument. Underline what you think the key questions in essay are What does Aristotle mean by the statement? Do I agree or disagree? [agree…define “serious” and “philosophical” as mentioned in the question…. .] Determine the scope: discuss at least one historian like thuciydides and his beliefs about human nature OR discuss one poetic genre like epic, didactic, lyric poetry…tragedy, comedy Discuss about human life, and how tragedy occurs…hubris, tragic flaws, these are universal and relatable Don’ts for the essay: Don’t tell about Aristotle. .answer the question!! Don’t give grand sweeping statements complimenting the Greeks…aka bullshit Aftermath of the war Coup of the 30 tyrants: came to power by Spartans, sig. b/c Spartans might have en trying to make oligarchy in Athens similar to Sparta….power for a few months and got rid of
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juries, elections were replaced by lot, did away w/ all democratic elements in Athens during their power Trial and death of Socrates: corrupting youth thru sophist teachings, not believing city gods like zeus b/c there was a higher god/conscious ruling Consequences: 1. Economic – no more tributes for revenue so they couldn’t afford grain or wood, silver mines experience decline 2. Political – no longer Athenian empire, Persians interfere and ally some city states 3. Military – specialization of troops, rise is use of cavalry and lite arm troops(peltasts) Literature – rise of eucolic poetry (Theocritus) Art Comedy History of comedy: old is political satire & new comedy deals with realistic situations like family, kinda like a sitcom Komos – drunken procession through the streets. Like tragedy, comedy comes out of celebrations…an old aristocratic tradition Parabasis – when chorus is addressing the audience to explain plot Origin: supposedly the Spartans, but reached its height in Athens Festivals: performed at Dionysus and Linaea Agon: like tragedy, performed in competition…9 comedians,
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Greek final Review - Literary Essay > All lyric poetry read...

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