greek exam 1 - a) Effects of geography on people I. mts....

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a) Effects of geography on people I. mts. divide city-states creating isolation and poor communication II. rivers are terrible because sea is so slow III. mainly islands so trade and having great navy was important IV. periods in greek history: Minoan (bronze age) 2200-1400 Mycenaean (bronze age) 1600-1000 dark ages 1000-800 Persian war marks beginning of: archaic age (classical) 800-479 b) Minoans I. Henry Schliemann: founded archaeology, in a hurry treasure hunter, finds troy II. Crete: heart of Minoan civilization, immense wealth like bull statues palaces are econ/pol/religious centralized strong trade and agriculture, but not a warrior culture women dominate religion as goddesses…frescoes reflect this king society though, first of the western world c) Mycenaeans I. Characteristics: Masculine warrior culture w/ excellent defense being on the mainland Monumental architecture like palaces Tholos = burial tombs some priestesses, but not many Sociopolitical hierarchy – no room to move up: wanax (lord) == basileus (nobleman) == lawagetas (military leader) == hequetas (military) == doulos (slaves) == other officials II. Linear B by Michael Ventris (mathematician/architect) made keystone….used for inventory d) Dark Ages I. Effects of the decline of the palace: Bronze use falls out b/c no resource…becomes iron age Trading, wages gone = far less goods and luxuries Food decline = population decline; goats/sheep of great value geometric art emerges Basileus is “big man” theory of govt….he makes decisions two values: be richer, be a great warrior III. Continuity before and after: Govt. changes from king to aristocracy…not much change though Linear b disappears and writing is lost No major changes in gods Still divided country, but city-states begin forming alliances e) Illiad I. Homeric question: name/date Poems composed over 100’s of years compiled in late 700’s (dark ages) II. Characteristics of oral poetry: Dactilyic hexameter, iambic pentameter Epithets Doublets and repetition
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Rhapsode : suited to memorization III. Proem is intro: Appealing to muses to tell him the story so he can tell us major characters, glimpse of Homeric society
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greek exam 1 - a) Effects of geography on people I. mts....

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