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Kevin Geneva 18 February 2008 Marcos ENGL 015 Snowboarding v. Surfing Ever since the 1950’s, when the Snurfer was invented by an immigrant who realized skiing definitely sucks, the age old question has existed; what was he smoking? 1 Along with this query, a battle also arose between those who rode the water at thirty-two degrees and above and those who rode it below. Which is superior? I mean, neither have wheels, both are all natural, and both are centerpieces for a growing young subculture. However, I plan to prove that snowboarding is way more crescent fresh, for the facts that it is cheaper, less dangerous, and way more stylish. Snowboarding is cheaper than surfing. I know what you’re thinking; “Double-you tee fuck, mate? Snowboarders have to pay for boots, bindings, a board, goggles, a coat, pants, and headgear.” Fact – all of this does add up to collectively be at least $500 used along with the ongoing cost of lift tickets at roughly 30 bucks a pop (or roughly $350 for a season pass). That’s one honkin’ chunk o’ change, don’t get me wrong. Meanwhile, the boarders on the surf only have to buy a board, board shorts or a bikini, and some sunscreen, which only costs around $300 or less if it’s bought used. However, in my research, I talked to many surfers, who opened my eyes to external costs or the sport. One gentleman in particular gave me an eye-opening description of the peripheral expenses. He was kind enough to invite me to his room in his parents’ house, and after passing up the generous offer of a bong hit 2 , we got to talking. His 1 Opium. 2 He graciously took it for me.
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name was Jeff Spicoli, and he roughly resembled a young version of Sean Penn. He was a self- proclaimed surfing expert, and dreamt daily of going pro. However, he described surfing as a financial “bummer.” He said of the sport, “It’s just, you know, like, a way of riding up to that
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comparison paper - Kevin Geneva 18 February 2008 Marcos...

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