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Disorders & Treatments - 2 Panic& generalized...

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Disorders & Treatments Schizophrenia: Antipsychotic meds Psychotherapy to help them adjust to a chronic illness CBT & behavior therapy to teach social skills & appropriate behaviors Depression 1. Best prognosis & lowest relapse rate: psychotherapy alone a. People tend to become psychologically dependent on the meds 2. Next: psychotherapy (with CBT) and antidepressants a. allows someone who is too depressed to participate in therapy to do so, relieves symptoms to lower suicide risk 3. Worst prognosis & Highest relapse rates: antidepressants alone Anxiety: 1. Phobias: systematic desensitization
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Panic & generalized: psychotherapy & antidepressants (SSRIs) 3. in response to extreme anxiety: antianxiety meds for shot time periods (benzodiazepins) 4. OCD: SSRIs, exposure with response prevention, CBT, psychotherapy (all or some these depending on the kind and severity) 5. PTSD: psychotherapy (with CBT), sometimes meds for anxiety or flashbacks (antipsychotics) and associated disordered thinking Dissociative: 1. psychotherapy Personality: 1. Borderline: dialectic therapy 2. Others: CBT can modify some behaviors but therapy is largely ineffective...
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