GOV 310L syllabus - GOV 310L AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Spring...

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GOV 310L AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Spring 2008 Louis Bacarisse Office Hours: Mezes 3.210. A student may schedule an appointment with the Professor for any MWF between 10am and 2 pm. Students without an appointment may drop by during those hours, subject to availability. I am happy to meet with students on matters related to the class, or on other matters of interest, though questions relating to the operation or administration of the class should be first directed to the Teaching Assistants. Telephone: 512.970.0075 (cell) Email: Teaching Assistants/Office Hours: 2008 GOV 310L (Unique #39095) MWF 9:00 am Steven Pittz ( ) Friday 11am – 2pm Jessica Price ( ) Tuesday 8 am – 11 am 2008 GOV 310L (Unique #39140) MWF 2:00 pm Jonghoon Eun ( ) Friday 11 am -2 pm John Iadarola ( ) Mon/Wed 3:30 pm – 5 pm Kristin Wylie ( ) Mon/Wed 12:30 pm – 2 pm Teaching Assistants office are all located in BAT 1.118. A note on class format and on your professor: I am a visiting Lecturer at the University, and as a result, this course may differ in important regards from those sections taught by regular faculty members. My approach to the class is guided by my own profession and experience – that of a legislative lawyer and lobbyist. I have served as a legislative counsel to former Speaker Pete Laney and former Lt. Governor Bob Bullock; Assistant Senate Parliamentarian; and have over a decade’s experience as a self-employed contract lobbyist. This professional experience colors my perspective, as I view politics as a mechanism by which I, or my clients, can make certain demands on government, and have those demands addressed. Therefore, much of perspective of the class is presented in terms of the government’s ability, or willingness, to meet the demands of various constituencies.
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To illustrate my points, I tend to take a much more historical approach to the material. Rather than focus on how government was intended to work, we will consider whether government worked as it was intended at specific junctures in our history. While the textbook readings and other assigned material will adequately inform the students as to the structure and operations of the government, the information presented in lecture will attempt to paint a broader understanding of the issues facing students of American Government. Therefore, lecture material will play a critical role in crafting responses to the essay portions of the examinations. Course Description:
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GOV 310L syllabus - GOV 310L AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Spring...

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