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CC303 Classical Mythology Spring 2008 Prof. P. Perlman Study Guide for 1/31 Prometheus the Culture Hero and Creation from Sacrifice I. Introduction Our focus for this session is the central Greek offering to the gods, blood sacrifice. We will explore the ritual process itself and myths concerning the origins of the ritual as well as myths suggesting its function (beyond the obvious pleasure for the gods). We will explore what all of this has to do with Creation Myth, or at least with creation! II. Study Questions Consider the following questions in connection with the readings in "Supplementary Readings for 1/31": 1. What were the essential steps in the sacrificial ritual?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What is the relationship between prayer and sacrifice? 3. Do you think that the Greeks were completely comfortable with the sacrificial ritual? See especially Menander, Dyskolos , lines 447-453. Why or why not? 4. How did the Greeks explain the origins of the sacrificial ritual (especially which part of the animal went to the gods and which to the mortal worshippers)? 5. We will explore the Norse myth about Thor and Thialf in class. Do you see any common themes or episodes in this myth, the myth of the sacrifice at Mekone in Hesiod, and the myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha?...
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