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Prayer in Schools Paper

Prayer in Schools Paper - 1 No God Allowed Not everyone...

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No God Allowed Not everyone accepts the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state. The issue of prayer in school is steadily growing in America. Although “under God” was inserted into the Pledge of Allegiance back in 1954, Americans of today still try to reinstate the original pledge , which stated “one nation indivisible” (Gaylor). Some people believe prayer and school shall in no way be intertwined. “[Having different prayers] ignores the fact that any and all prayer in public schools is unconstitutional” (American Atheists 3). While there are a majority of parents, students, and teachers who support prayer in school, others fight to get rid of prayer in school altogether. The prayer issue affects schoolteachers. In a sense, they have to either take part in something they disagree with, or support prayer while being looked down upon by those who oppose it in schools. Soulforce.com member, recognized as pnggrad79, is a 6 th grade teacher recently faced with an email asking him to support the reinstating of prayer in schools. His reaction was to delete the email. What is his reasoning behind his action? Being a schoolteacher, pnggrad79 could have made quite an impact in signing the petition. He chose to delete the request due to his beliefs. Pnggrad79 states that “[He] would rather keep silent than have a prayer written by some bureaucrat…that alludes to God and…doesn’t make any sense” (Pnggrad79 1). He strongly mentions that he cannot be “forced” to pray by the government, and neither can others. His forum adds to the controversy by presenting the issue of prayer in a different light. In his opinion it is not a matter of whether or not prayer should be allowed in school, it’s a matter of whether or not prayer in school should be government-led. 1
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The issue of prayer being allowed in school affects parents as well as attorneys of major organizations. In the “Anti School Prayer” collection of various peoples’ thoughts on the issue, four out of four agree within different reasons. This collection of different points of view adds to the controversy because it proves to those who support prayer in school that it is not a simple issue. There are more reasons behind why groups oppose school prayer. Within the collection, Lisa Herdahl points out that kids need to be taught upon the issue of tolerance towards religion. If they are not taught tolerance towards “anything that’s different….what’s going to happen to them?” (Minceberg) From this article, it is apparent that other religions are at stake if prayer in school remains. Students who pray to Allah, for example, will have to take a backseat to all those who pray to God.
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