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Louis Uchitelle Summary - difference in salaries for a...

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Uchitelle, Louis. "College Still Counts, Though Not as Much." New York Times 2 Oct. 2005, Late Edition - Final ed., sec. 10: 1. Louis Uchitelle’s “College Still Counts, Though Not as Much” article discusses what benefits a college degree holds. Uchitelle doesn’t take a particular side when it comes down to whether college is worth it or not. He instead throws out statistical information from both sides such as salary comparisons and jobs employed by people with college degrees versus people with high school diplomas, enabling the reader to make his own judgment. Logos is used for the majority of Uchitelle’s article. He lets the reader establish their own opinion by looking at statistics rather than trying to prove a certain point. He plays both sides of the field when he first mentions the
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Unformatted text preview: difference in salaries for a regular college degree and a high school diploma is slowly decreasing, but later speaks of how a college degree still receives a higher salary. Uchitelle points out that as more and more students attend college, the degrees required to be successful become increasingly higher. No longer is a bachelors an easy ticket to money. Uchitelle notes, among the college-educated a noticeable number with bachelors degrees are showing up in jobs that seem to require only a high school education (1). Within the article, a Mr. Heckler takes it a step further when he says, many people with bachelors degrees did not develop the skills in college that employers are looking for in college graduates (2)....
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Louis Uchitelle Summary - difference in salaries for a...

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