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Rall Summary Rall, Ted. “College is for Suckers.” Might May 1996: 18-30. Ted Rall’s “College is for Suckers” article discusses the true effects of a college education. Rather than focus on the benefits, Rall’s attention lies mainly in finding the point of attending college. In his eyes, college is a waste of time, and an even bigger waste of money. Rall uses logos and ethos to better his claim. The logos used provide an adequate amount of surprising facts for his readers, which may cause them to reevaluate their college plans. To enhance his credibility, Rall mentions that he in fact used to work in an admissions office. His factual information sadly rears the ugly side of college—finances. Rall argues that college can become detrimental to one’s future once one has graduated and has to begin paying back the millions of loans acquired over an
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Unformatted text preview: approximate four to five year span. After numerous financial facts, he proves that one goes to college in order to receive a high-paying job that initially does not make enough money to pay back the thousands of dollars worth of loans. His point: Why go? His statistical information regarding how many students major in particular subjects adds on to his claim. According to Rall, “there’s no financial advantage to going to college as a liberal-arts major” (19). Ironically enough, “80 percent of college students [are] liberal-arts majors” and will not view college as an experience that paid off when they see there are rarely any careers within that major that actually obtain a sufficient income (25)....
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