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Andrew Whitlock Physics 103M Conclusion- Experiment 1 Describe two things you did to reduce the amount of error in your data. When performing an experiment control is the most valued asset, with it the accuracy and precision of measurements can prove a hypothesis isn’t false. To reduce the amount of error in our data, my lab partner and I made sure the marbles were roughly similar (as they could be). Even so the setup was not perfect and we often encountered times when the marbles would stick on a nail; to obtain a more accurate reading we would restart the marbles drop. Discuss and compare the values of X av between the three graphs. Are these values what we expect them to be? If not, what might have gone wrong? With the graphs that have the glass marbles incorporated into the calculations the values of X av are -0.2044 and -.01 respectively. It’s interesting to note that the values are negative because it implies that the marbles fell more often in the negative bins. The value of X
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