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cheatsheet exam 3-final - Chapter 14 Foundations of...

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Chapter 14 Foundations of Behavior Organizational Behavior - study of how human behavior affects org. perf. goals : explain,predict,and control human beh. Dual focus of OB : individ.Beh - attitudes, perception, learning, motivating; groupBeh :norms, roles,team-building,leadership, and conflict Aspects : visible (stratg, objectives,structure,tech. formal authority, chain of commands) hidden (attitudes,perceptions,group norms,inform. Interactions) 5 Imp. Employee beh .: Productivity, absenteeism, turnover, job satisf., Org. citizenship beh. (OCB) good behavior not required but done by empl. Variables affecting indv. Beh .: values, attitudes(motivation, perception), personality (perception), and ability(learning) Psyco. Factors : Attitudes - evaluative statements concerning ppl, events. 3 Components of att : cognitive (beliefs,opinions,knowledge) affective (emotional/feeling part) behavioral . OB variables drive successful org. and all OB impacted by att. 3 work related att .- job involvement, org. commitment, perceived org. support Att. And Consist .: ppl seek consist among their att. And b/w their att. And beh. If incosist. arises individ. alter att. or beh. or justify inconsist. Cognitive Dissonance : (Festinger, late 1950’s) theory explains link b/w att. and beh. Assumes att. drives beh. (try to reduce diss.) Factors Influencing desire to reduce Disson .: import. Of att/beh, extent it reflects values; ability to control (influence); rewards for disson. Vs. social pressures for change Self-Perception Theory : beh. drives att, atts. dev. after beh to justify actions(when att. vague, ambig, undev.) when att. more deve’d they drive beh. (ie. Cog. Diss.) Importance of Attitudes : Implicat’ns for managers- warn of potential beh. probs, influence emp beh, empl. try to reduce disson. unless- managers identify source of it or compensate/reward the diss. Personality : combo of psyco charact’s that affect how ppl interacts; determinants - hereditary, envir, situation; ( MBTI ): (E,I) extro/intro, (S,N ) sensing/intuitive (S) focus on specifics, admire practical solutions, notice details remember facts, pragmatic, live in the now, turst actual exper., step-by step instructions,use estb. skills, steady pace ( I) focus on big pic, creative ideas, notice different things, inventive, think ab future effects, trust instinct,learn new skills, work in burst of energy (T,F ) thinking/feeling (T) objective decisions, cool/reserved, rational, honest /direct/fairness, don’t take things personally, see flaws, motivated by achievement, debate/argue=fun (F) values/feelings decisions,friendly, convinced by how feel, diplomatic tactful/value harmony compassion, take thing personally, compliments others, motivated by appreciation, avoid arguments/debate (P/J) perceiving/judging (p) decisions made easily, serious/convetional, prompt, finish projs, work then play, want things decided, rules=needed, stick to plans (j) decisions are hard, playful/unconvention., late, start proj, play first, options/flexible plans,
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cheatsheet exam 3-final - Chapter 14 Foundations of...

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