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** we tried to follow the questions listed at the end of Pr L's slides. It would make sense that the questions she asks on the test would reference them. Sorry this is a bit of a mess, in breaking down the questions we got a little wordy, but everyone should be able to derive their own answers based off of the information provided on each book. GOOD LUCK!!** Management Bookshelf Notes: One Minute Manager: What skill required of a 1min mngr: o Value/integrity/respect for employees o Clear and succinct communication o Awareness, esp. of what employees are doing o Willing to help empl with guidelines Setting goals Positive reinforcement Verbal reprimand Be able to do all in one sentence or less….do not drag out unnecessarily. Don't ramble How does the 1 min mgr reflect the functions of Fayols 4 functions of mgmt? o Goal setting crucial o Organizing: help employees mng themselves with 1 min goals o Leading: 1 min praising / verbal reprimands show clearly what the expectations are. Monitor new empl closely at first. ..communicate well this will guide the empl into the direction of the company. o Controlling: verbal reprimands commun. Exactly what is expect, reaffirms empl value, yet leads to desirable outcome. How does 1 min mang. Help you deal with the new challenges of cust service, focus, and innovation? o Develops clear, concise communication. No gray area. o Creates self confidence = happy empl=good cust service=productive work environment o Respect and social concern to be part of the culture, will translate to customers. o Allows creativity to flourish within spec. well defined intentions of company. o Praises new ideas…encourages innovation. The One Thing You Need to Know : Summary: controlling insight has to pass 3 research tests: o Be present with greatness in a variety of situations
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o Act as a multiplier leading to high levels of sustained success when applied. o Describe behaviors or actions Great mgmt: o Capitalize on uniqueness o Knowing empl capabilities and skills, and point person in organizational goal direction. o Capitalizing on greatness can be done by: Selecting the right person Defining clear behavioral expectations Motivate and shape behavior w praise Demonstrate care or concern 3 unique characteristics or levers that a successful mgr must know bout ea empl to capitalize on uniqueness: o know strengths and weaknesses o know motivators o know learning style Most important need for an effective leader to focus on: o Clarity to alleviate our fear of the future o Optimism for all to see Q: If you were choosing a mgr for your business what characteristics would you look for? If you were choosing a leader? o
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Management_Bookshelf_Notes_Test_1 - we tried to follow the...

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