5th discipline part 2 - Real causes sometimes lie elsewhere...

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Behavior Gets better before it Gets Worse Effective decisions often produce difficulties at first but are better long term The Best Way out is to go back in Effective solutions are sometimes ones that seem scary. Not pushing harder on the same old solutions The Cure Can be Worse than the Disease The result of applying nonsystematic solutions to problems is the need for more and more of the same. Analogy_Drinking to alleviate work stress. Belief that u can handle more work. So you drink even more. Faster is slower Everything has optimal rate of growth. Faster is not always better. Cause and Effect are not always closely in time and space
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Unformatted text preview: Real causes sometimes lie elsewhere Tiny chages may produce big results; areas of greatest leverage are frequently the least obvious Nonobvious and well focused solutions are more likely to provide leverage and bring positive change You can have your cake and eat it too, but not at the same time Real leverage comes when it can be seen that seemingly opposing needs can be met over time Cutting the elephant in half does not create two elephants An understanding of the boundaries for each problem is needed There is no blame No outside causes to problems...
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