Portuguese sounds - Vowels a o e, i o, u babaca (jerk)...

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Vowels a babaca (jerk) ba-BA-ca ã anã (midget) a-NUN ão razão (reason) ra-ZUoon (again the nUn sound) e, é meta (goal) ME-ta – like Apple… the A sound ê nenê (baby) nay-NAy i alpina (alpine) au-PEE-na o, ó pó (powder) PO – same sound as Austin that AU sound ô avô (grandpa) a-VOU – like OH (as in oh my god) u abutre (vulture) a-BOO-tre Consonants b bala (candy) BA-la c canto (corner) CUN-too ç maçã (apple) MA-sun ce, ci cicerone (host)see-say-ROU-nee ch chamada (call)sha-MA-da d dado (dice) DA-doo di dia (day) DJEE-ya f facil (easy) FA-seeoo g gato (cat) GA-too g gengiva (gums) jayn-JEE-va – the J and the G sound like the French J in the
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