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MANChapter 8 Quiz - Lay it is developing what level of...

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Chapter 8 Quiz Why is strategic management important? Selected Answer: It is involved in many of the decisions that managers make. What provides clues to what an organization sees as its purpose? Selected Answer: the organization's mission ________ and ________ are outcomes from a study of the external environment. Selected Answer: Opportunities; threats Relative to the organization's culture, a manager must be aware that ________. Selected Answer: the content of a culture has a major effect on the strategies that can be pursued The merging of the analyses of internal and external factors influencing the organization's strategy is known as ________. Selected Answer: SWOT analysis When PepsiCo seeks to integrate the strategies of Pepsi, 7-Up International, and Frito-
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Unformatted text preview: Lay, it is developing what level of business strategy? Selected Answer: corporate What are the three main types of corporate strategies? Selected Answer: growth, stability, and renewal An organization that is diversifying its product line is exhibiting what type of growth strategy? Selected Answer: growth In the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix, a business unit that exists in a low anticipated growth rate and a high market share is known as a ________. Selected Answer: cash cow An example of ________ is when an organization possesses a characteristic that sets itself apart from competitors and gives the firm a distinctive edge. Selected Answer: competitive advantage...
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